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Contactless Cards

What is Contactless?

Contactless is a fast, easy and secure way to pay for 
purchases costing, up to €50 for  Mastercard and up to €50 for Visa Card.*
All cards displaying the ‘contactless’ symbol can be used to make contactless payments at point of sale terminals also displaying the contactless symbol.
How do Contactless card payments work? 

The contactless card is fitted with an antenna so that when it is touched against a contactless terminal, it securely transmits purchase information. Therefore the card never leaves your hand, once the transaction is processed the terminal emits a signal – an audible tone – so that you know the card has been read and it can be removed.

Where can I use Contactless? 

Contactless payments are now accepted all over the globe in a wide range of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Contactless payments are also accepted in many unattended environments like vending machines – e.g. when purchasing transport tickets overseas.

A retailer that accepts contactless payments will display the contactless symbol at the terminal. If the establishment does not support contactless payments your card can be used as a regular card – i.e. by effecting the transaction with Chip and PIN.
How to use your BOV Contactless to effect purchases?

To make a contactless payment, just follow the simple three step process below.

1. Look
Once the retailer has inserted the transaction value into the terminal, confirm the amount and check to see if the terminal has the ‘contactless symbol’.

2. Tap
If the amount is correct and the terminal displays the ‘contactless symbol’, simply tap your card against the terminal screen.

3. Listen
A beep accompanied by a light will indicate that your payment is being processed. If the value of the transaction exceeds €50 (Mastercard) or €50 (Visa), or after a certain number of contactless transactions, you will occasionally be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN as a measure of additional security. That’s it! Your contactless transaction is complete.

Are Contactless cards secure?

Contactless cards use the same secure system as “Chip and PIN”, and therefore can be used confidently whilst paying.
Furthermore for added protection, you will from time to time be required to enter your PIN to authorise a transaction – this will happen when a certain number of contactless transactions have been carried out, or when a particular value threshold has been reached.
It is important however that if you realise your card has been lost or stolen you must act immediately and contact the Bank on (356) 2131 2020 or (356) 2123 4821 to notify the loss in accordance with the card terms. Once you have taken the necessary action you will not be liable for any transactions that may arise from fraudulent use.

Will I be charged twice if I accidentally double tap on the reader, or if I have a second ‘contactless’ card in my wallet?

No. The reader and card are configured to ensure that you will only be charged for one transaction, with one card at a time.

Can a purchase be made without my knowledge (for example, will the card-reader activate if I walk past it)?

No. Your card has to be extremely close to the reader - typically between two and four centimetres - and the retailer must have first entered the amount for you to approve.

What happens if I try to pay for goods over the local contactless transaction limit?

For transactions over the contactless limit you will be required to authorise the payment by inserting your PIN. The local limit for contactless transactions carried out with a BOV card are currently €50 (Visa) or €50 (Mastercard), however these values may
change depending on the country where the card is being used.

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