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BOV Graduates Package
The BOV Graduates Package is a comprehensive banking package that provides everything you'll need to manage your finances, now and in the future.
BOV Graduates Package

Bank of Valletta has put together a package that offers a full suite of financial solutions for graduates.



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Now that you have graduated, you are about to embark on an exciting journey. Finances are an important variable to consider both in your present and in your future. However, at Bank of Valletta, we want to help you, by making banking as simple, user-friendly and hassle-free as possible. That is why we have put together a package that includes various products and services that you should find useful, both relating to your personal financing and to your business requirements, should you wish to embark on a business venture. Want more? If you apply for any of these products or services within 5 years from your graduation, you can benefit from discounts and perks that we have put in especially for you. Consider it our token gift for your achievement and our encouragement for a bright future.

These are only some of the products and services that we have included in your BOV Graduate Package:

  • Deposit accounts – higher interest rate on your e-account and free standing orders
  • Unsecured BOV Graduate Personal Overdraft
  • BOV credit card/s at a discount
  • BOV Graduate Personal Loan
  • BOV Graduate Studies Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Unsecured BOV Graduate Business Loan
  • BOV 24X7 Services and BOV Mobile top up services
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BOV 24x7 and BOV Mobile Top Up Services

The BOV 24X7 Service is free of charge for the first year when applying for the service for the first time. 
The BOV Mobile top-up service is also free of charge if you are subscribed to the pre-paid tariffs of Vodafone or GO. 
The BOV 24x7 Services is incredible easy to use, and so is BOV Mobile. Try out BOV Mobile Pay to send money to anyone instantly and securely, directly into their BOV Mobile Pay account. 

The BOV Mobile top-up service is also free of charge if you are subscribed to the pre-paid tariffs of Vodafone or GO.

The BOV 24x7 Services is incredible easy to use, and so is BOV Mobile. Try out BOV Mobile Pay to send money to anyone instantly and securely, directly into their BOV Mobile Pay account.

Deposit account

Apply for an e-account and benefit from a higher interest rate than the normal savings account. You will also benefit from free standing orders.

BOV Graduate Personal Overdraft

We are offering you and unsecured BOV Graduate Personal Overdraft of up to twice the declared net monthly salary, up to a maximum of €12,000 at reduced rates.

BOV Graduate Business Overdraft

Benefit from a preferential interest rate on the BOV Graduate Business Overdraft of up to €12,000.

BOV Credit Cards

Free Annual Fee for the first year on the BOV VISA Classic and the BOV MasterCard.

Moreover, if you earn over €23,000 p.a., you are eligible for the BOV VISA Gold Card free of charge for the first year.

BOV Graduate Personal Loan

This loan is available for up to €40,000 at reduced interest rates. It can be used to finance the purchase of computers, motor vehicle or other personal requirements. It would be repayable over a maximum period of seven years, in line with the loan amount and expected life of the asset. We’ve taken away the processing fees as well, and put in a 3-month moratorium on the capital.

To be eligible for this loan, you will need to be in full-time employment or have a contract available as evidence of full-time employment.

BOV Graduate Studies Loan

Do you wish to further your studies? Then the BOV Graduates Studies Loan is the solution you are looking for. If you are furthering your studies locally, you can apply for an unsecured loan of up to €20,000. If you are continuing your studies abroad, you can apply for up to €30,000. In both cases, you will benefit from reduced interest rates. You may also benefit from a 1-year moratorium for local studies and a 2-year moratorium when studying abroad. The loan is repayable over a maximum of 7 years. The beneficial interest rates will remain the same for the whole term of the loan, even if you do not form part of the Graduates Package at the end of the term.

BOV Home Loan

If you are a First Time Buyer and you are interested in applying for a BOV Home Loan , we shall refund you with the processing fees due upon issuance of the sanction letter. This refund will be effected upon publication of deed.

BOV Graduate Business Loan

Business start-ups may avail themselves from an unsecured BOV Graduate Business Loan of up to €25,000 at reduced interest rates. A 1-year moratorium is also available. 



Eligibility Criteria:

You may avail yourself from the various offers in the BOV Graduate Package if:

  • you have just graduated, or you graduated within the past 5 years, and
  • you are not yet 35 years old, and;

you plan to
  • start practicing your own profession or intend to set up your business; or
  • further your studies by following post-graduate studies locally on a full-time or part-time basis or at a University or Institution abroad on a full-time basis; or
  • seek a full-time job;
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Do you want to learn more about the BOV Graduate Package? Then print and fill in the application form. Please forward it to any BOV Branch. For further info, you may contact our Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 or click on the Click-to-Chat button.



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