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BOV Family Business Success
The family is the backbone of our society and has shaped businesses in Malta for decades on end.  Family businesses are a success story - mirrored in their ability to thrive and regenerate themselves across generations. 

At Bank of Valletta, we understand that succession planning and transfer of ownership between family members is crucial for survival and growth.  We know and understand family businesses, because we have been part of their story throughout the years. And this is why we continuously seek innovative financing solutions to assist family businesses flourish into the future.



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The BOV Family Business Success helps certified family businesses take the strategic step to transfer ownership / shareholding between members. Designed in collaboration with the Family Business Office and the Malta Development Bank, it supports business ownership transfer through one or more of the following:
  • a takeover of the relevant family business 
  • a reduction in the Issued Share Capital 
  • the payment and distribution of a dividend 
  • the repayment of any shareholder loans due by the family business

  • Loan amount up to €750,000 per Group / relationship
  • Repayment between 1 year and 10 years inclusive of any moratorium period up to 6 months, where applicable.
  • Upfront contribution of 20% 
  • Highly reduced collateral, with an average reduction of 80% in extendible security through the Malta Development Bank (MDB) guarantee.  The extendible security requested by the Bank on the loan may increase or decrease according to the risk profile of the proposal 
  • Final Interest rate is variable and lower than market rate 

Because we understand that managing costs is as important as increasing revenue, we kept our charges to a minimum to ensure that finance costs are affordable for our Family Businesses
  • Processing fee of 0.30%
  • Annual renewal fee of 0.10% on outstanding balance
  • Commitment fee of 0.5 %
Eligible family businesses have to be certified by the Family Business Office Malta.
The BOV Family Business Success fund of €10,000,000 will be available up to end December 2021 or until the available fund is fully committed.  Certain sectors may not be eligible for this scheme. All loans are subject to normal bank lending criteria and final approval by the Bank.  Other terms and conditions apply.
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Applying for BOV Family Business Success 

Interested?  Talk to us, we will help you find a solution for your - needs and guide you as to the required documentation. 
Visit your BOV Branch or Business Centre or send an email to [email protected].  Information about registering under the Family Business Act and other initiatives for family businesses can be found at

Building the future story of your family business together, for generations to come

Bank of Valletta
Your Partner in Business
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