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Card Acceptance Facilities
Card Acceptance Facilities
Accepting Card Payments
In today’s world, everyone likes the convenience of paying for goods and services by credit and debit card. Operating in a competitive business environment, whether you own a retail shop, a restaurant or through a web-site, having an efficient and secure way to accept card payments is vital.
Terms & Conditions
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Bank of Valletta’s Merchant Services have been designed to enable you, the retailer, to take advantage of the benefits provided by electronic payment solutions. Bank of Valletta offers a variety of solutions that can be customised to suit your particular business needs. Card payment transactions can be classified as follows;

Face to face card payments or Card Present (CP) Transactions. This refers to a transaction where both the card and cardholder are present and for which merchants are furnished with an electronic Point Of Sale (ePOS) to process the relative payment.

Non face to face card payments or Card Not Present (CNP) Transactions is when the cardholder is not physically present at the location where payment is being effected. This applies to orders submitted by telephone/fax or sales through websites. More information on CNP transactions can be accessed from this link e-Commerce.

Whether you’ve been thinking about accepting card payments to help grow your business or considering opening a new outlet, now’s the time to talk to us.

Why accept card payments?
  • Increase in revenue; Accepting payment by cards could help increase your sales and profit. Never miss out on business from customers who do not want to pay cash
  • Security and Peace of mind: Chip and PIN gives you added protection against fraud as opposed to cash and counterfeit notes
  • Improved cash flow: payment goes straight into your account within one business day, making procedures faster and much more simple
Flexibility: card payment processing gives you the ability to handle multiple currencies.

What are the different terminal types?

It doesn't matter if your business takes payments in just one place or on the move - we've got a full range of payment terminal types to suit your business needs and make it easy to process your customers' payments.

Desktop terminals
  • Ideal for retail shops 
  • Fixed terminals connected via dial up or Ethernet 
  • Can be easily interfaced to your Retail Sales System

Portable terminals
  • Ideal for bars and restaurants 
  • Payment at table concept 

Mobile terminals
  • Ideal for businesses on the move 
  • Take payments anywhere with a mobile connection 
  • Perfect for businesses operating from different locations 

Cardholder Activated Terminals (CAT)
  • Ideal for self-service kiosks such as ticketing machines or car parks
  • Automation of services is possible and reduces operational costs
  • Easy integration into existing systems

The BOV Electronic Point of Sales (ePOS) terminals can be used as a standalone desktop solution or directly interfaced to your retail system. Apart from providing your customers with a more efficient means of payment, this will also speed up the payment process as well as eliminate the risk of erroneous amounts being keyed in on the ePOS.

Terms and Conditions for different terminal types apply

What cards can I accept? 

Bank of Valletta is a principal member of VISA and MasterCard. This enables you to accept all local and major international cards bearing the following logos:

Merchant Support

Our Merchant Help Desk is available on a 24-hour basis throughout the year to assist you with any queries you may have and can be contacted on telephone number 21244585 or by email to [email protected].

As further support to our merchants, Bank of Valletta offers the value-added tool of BOVAccept Web Portal at NO extra cost. This is a secure website, which can easily be accessed from any PC having an internet connection. This tool allows merchants to control, monitor and reconcile in real time mode, all transactions processed through the Bank’s Pos terminals. 

Applying for this service is easy. If you are an existing merchant, just send us an email on [email protected] with the following details; 

  • Merchant Number
  • User Name
  • User ID card No.
  • User email address  

For prospective merchants, the BOVAccept Web Portal can be applied for upon application when applying for a new merchant acceptance facility.


What are the key benefits for my business?

  • Terminal options to suit your business requirements;
  • Pricing commensurate with your business volumes;
  • Compact and light weight terminal units;
  • Avoid the hassle involved with cash and cheques;
  • More flexibility and increased customer satisfaction;
  • Improve service with international customers by allowing them to pay in their own currency


Terms and Conditions

Click here for a specimen of our Merchant Agreement

Interest and Fees
  • Bank of Valletta provides the necessary ePOS terminals free of charge with no monthly administration. 
  • A service fee, calculated as a percentage on the transaction amount, is however charged to Member Establishments on authorised transactions.
  • The latest applicable rates can be obtained by contacting us on: [email protected]
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What do I need to get started?
  • A dial up or ethernet connection in place
  • A VAT number if applicable
  • A bank account with Bank of Valletta (visit a BOV branch to open an account if no BOV account is held)

How do you operate your business?

  • A BOV Internet Banking Facility - click here to apply for BOV Internet Banking
  • Click here to apply for BOV Merchant Services

The completed applications can be forwarded to [email protected]

  • Click here to download a sample Board Resolution for applying for BOV Merchant Services
  • Click here to dowload a sample Board Resolution to apply for BOV Internet Banking
  • Click here to apply for BOV Merchant Services
  • Click here to apply for BOV Internet Banking

Board resolutions are to printed on a company letterhead and submitted at your nearest BOV Branch together with the rest of the required documents.
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